The University of Youtube(non accredited) Blog 6

Posted by Kevin Moore on

One day in sunny hot Florida my blower suddenly stopped working. Semi trucks without air can get up to a 100+ degrees even when your moving down the road. So it was something I wanted to get fixed asap. Called the dealer and was about 6-8 hours labor plus parts. A $1200 plus job. I went into a Mcdonalds and using their free internet got onto youtube and found a lot of videos of guys changing out the blower themselves. Found the best one and stopped by the dealer to get the part. $250 for the blower. Got back to my garage in central Florida and got to work. 4 hours later I had the new blower in and working. Another 6 hours to put back together. So I lost a day but saved $1000 plus and learned alot about the dashboard in my truck. The point I am trying to make that youtube and platforms like it have so many people who ran into the same problem and made a video of it and posted it. If you are going to own your own truck now or in the future you need to learn how to save money especially on stuff that you should be able to fix yourself. If you can figure out whats wrong with the truck before taking it into a dealer is the idea thing. Youtube can be used to also find out what might go wrong with your truck. If there is a 100 or more videos of the same problem chances are you are going to run into it also. So attend the University of Youtube. Its free. Check out my video in the youtube section to see the actual video I used to get the job done. Thanks for reading and please sign up for my newsletter and like and subscribe to my youtube channel. Check out the catalog for some ideas on a laptop. You are going to need one. Thank you


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