6 tips for the beginning affiliate marketer. Blog#10

Posted by Kevin Moore on

     When I started my affiliate marketing career (sitting around the apartment during the covid ) I had know idea how overwhelming or addictive it could be. Try joining 20 traffic exchanges all at once! Two months later I am down to just two. Throw in a new webstore ( Shopify) and chances are you are short a few bucks and lost on what to do  next . My theme and nich keep changing daily and all though I have learned a lot I still have a long way to go. You do not want to give up your day job for this just yet unless the government forces you to.

      So what should be your first step. How to save yourself lots of time and money and end up successful. Just like any thing in today's world you ask ten different people you will get 10 different answers.  All can be right in some way but also very wrong. So here is my right and wrong ways.

1) Get a webstore. My Shopify webstore is costing me $35 a month but it has been my anchor in all this chaos of learning. I found that I can put everything I want in it and then concentrate on sending traffic to that one place. My youtube channel is there, my blog and all the sites I am recruiting people as well as the name that shall not be named site (its against their rules) is there. If something is not working I can delete it and move it around as I have already done many times. The goal is then to get people to visit your site and spend  time and money as well as return again. The store will quite simply be your foundation for your entire adventure. Not having one is like a ship without a port. 

2) Study and practice sending traffic to your store. Not as easy as it sound but this is a must if you are going to have any kind of success online. Shopify has a great section which will track all of the visitors. You can use that to test the sites you are using.  

3) Get on Youtube and Google and learn as much as you can.

4) Start Blogging. A big part on traffic and embedded sales. Mines on Shopify, again all that in one place thing.

5) No spontaneous buying. Trust me on this one. It can wait till tomorrow.

6) And have fun!

     Now this list will change as I get deeper into it but at least for me the store has been the big one because it gives me a place to get focused on my path. I found Shopify to be the easiest to work with. There are other ones which you can go with but I would check them out and study them because the last thing you want to do with your store is to be constantly moving it. The customers can't find you if that happens.


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