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To put into perspective of what you are going to be doing everyday as an over the road truck driver it would be like getting into your car and driving away from your house for about 600 miles and then take a ten hour break and then returning to your house. Now take away the returning to your house part and that is the basic day to day job. The only way you will make money is if your truck is moving. The only way the company that hired you will make money is if your truck is moving. You would be shocked at the turnover rate of this business. It can be as high as 120% or more. My class out of Tampa started with 47 students. Only ten went on to drive and as of now 9 years later there is only one driving that I know of. With that said there is a lot of money to be made in trucking. If you like driving and working at all different hours then you will do well. You will go places that normally you would never go and see places while getting paid. If you have a wife and kids it can be very hard on them as well as you.  I went from school back in 2012 to Warner. A year later I jumped ship to Conway. A year after that I bought my own truck from Lone Mountain out of Tifton GA and signed on with Landstar for 5 years. This blog series I am going to detail the trail I followed and hopefully help anyone who I can. Driving a semi truck can be a wonderful experience. So please subscribe to my blog and check out my KGM JAM youtube channel and feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you


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