Backing a semi trailer up Blog #5

Posted by Kevin Moore on

G.O.A.L. stands for get out and look. Never be in a hurry to back up a trailer. If you have to get out every two inches to make sure everything is good then do it. Not a time to be lazy. Also think of it as some much needed exercise. The slower you go the better to. 5 mph or less. I found that having a powerful flashlight at night helps with dark holes. Lay the flashlight along the edge of the spot in the back so you know not to go past it. A laser level works the best. Gives you a solid line to back in along. One night I was delivering to a Walmart distribution center and made a wrong turn. Ended up on a little two lane road with deep ditches on each side. Put the flashlight along one side of the ditch and backed right up. Could of been ugly but being able to see is huge. If you can get ahold of a small trailer to practice backing up its a great way to learn the concept of backing up. If you turn the wheel to the right the trailer goes left and vice versa. Also a small trailer turns much faster so mastering that will make it alot easier on a bigger trailer. Remember to get out and look before you start backing up. Look for nails and debris that could ruin your day. Do not wait till you get to your CDL school to practice backing up. Running over cones is school will get you kicked out of the course. Good luck!


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