Affiliate marketing and truck driving Blog#8

Posted by Kevin Moore on

What does affiliate marketing have to do with truck driving? It's a way for you to make money while traveling down the road. Think about that. While making your rate per mile or hourly income the marketing is also making you money. While you drive. As you are sleeping. As you are playing. 24/7 all year long. Some call it work from home but the real name is laptop lifestyle because you can operate it anywhere in the world as long as you got internet. I wish I had started affiliate marketing back in the 90's when it first started. Who knows where I would be at now. But it took the stay at home order for me to find the time to get into it. And now I see what an opportunity it is. The amount of people making money on it is all over the internet. The problem is most of the money they are making is off of us newbies as we try to figure it out. I am now in my second month of Affiliate marketing. I am going to document my entire campaign so that others can see if I succeed or fail. If I succeed all you will have to do is duplicate what I have done and avoid the mistakes I make. To follow along please subscribe to my blog post and youtube channel. Also please feel free to comment good or bad. Any questions will be answered asap.


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