Accredited truck driving schools

Posted by Kevin Moore on

        So when you decide that you want to get into trucking you will have to get a CDL. Every state has their own rules so check in with your local DMV before signing up for a drivers school. These schools are not cheap. They can run around $10,000 dollars or more. Check in with your local state employment office. Sometimes they have funding for certain occupations like nursing and truck driving. Also check trucking companies that are giving out loans to pay for your school as long as you come work for them when you graduate. I highly recommend that you work for someone for at least a year or two before trying to buy your own rig or do a leasing program. It is better to learn in a truck that is not your own to accommodate for the learning curve. And the most important thing is to make sure what  school you are giving your hard earned money and time is a accredited school. If it is not then when you go to get your cdl they will reject it.

An accredited school is a school that meets certain regulations and policies set by the US Department of Education

The next step after finding a school will be the medical exam. If you pass that then the school is about 3 weeks long and you will be in a truck and driving down the road with a trainer. 


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